back online, and in "Mad City"

Where did the last week (and a half) go? Somewhere in there was the final packing; great help loading and unloading on both ends of the drive south; learning our way around town and services, offices and schools; and lots of emptying of boxes and breaking them down for recycling. Everyone’s rooms and the shared areas of the house are taking shape, tho without pictures on the walls. (I decorated my cubicle slapdash in anticipation of A.’s redecoration.) DSL took off last night after a little extra help, thus this entry and the updated location for our homepage.

Theres’s too much to try to do justice to it all like this, but we are glad to be getting situated, exploring new classrooms and churches, meeting neighbors and coworkers, learning the shape of life and work in this new stage of venturing under the mercy. A good kind of tired – j

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