Thirsty Thursday the Thirtieth

It’s not quite here, so there’s still time to prepare. Here’s what anyone needs to know:

  • Thirsty Thursday the Thirtieth is an irregular holiday, occurring on any Thursday which falls on the thirtieth day of any month. (Why is it usually said the other way around – that a date falls on a day of the week?) Thus there can be several a year.
  • The only mandated means of celebration is the enjoyment of soda (or pop, depending on your region) with other participants. We prefer root beer, but soda is a rare commodity in our household, so just about any flavor will do. A.J. and John, as originators of the tradition, are sure to celebrate. Others may join as they wish.

But why? For the curious, here’s the background.

The origin of the holiday rests squarely in the bedtime conversation of one little boy with his father – both members of this immediate family. Somehow, the son thought the dad meant “thirsty” when he said “Thursday” – or was it the other way around? (Thirsty mistaken for Thursday, not the son speaking.) In any case, the two of them experimented with the sound of the two words – it doesn’t take much to encourage the delay of sleep, or to lead some types to search for a bad pun – and since the 30th was a Thursday and only a few days away…the rest is history.

Why not the thirteenth, especially as that word is more easily slurred into resemblance with the first two? Fair question. Our choice was probably influenced by the fact that one of our birthdays sometimes coincides with this arrangement, not to mention a grandparent’s. If you want to initiate your own holiday, please feel free. We’ll be the first to join you – if you let us know!

A.J. was plenty excited about sharing this tradition with folks this way. What he doesn’t yet know is that our celebration is already planned for this Thursday with the two of us enjoying our cans of root beer while walking home from the office. It turns out that currently Thursdays are our guys’ evening “in” while Dy shuttles the young women to dance and piano lessons.

Kinda thirsty already – j

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