Fifty years and a week ago

Belated St. Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Last weekend we celebrated Dy’s parents’ 50th anniversary with many friends and family members in Central Illinois. Tee greeted and hauled coats between breaks with a cousin (right). That’s the bride’s dress on display behind Tee; Arey might have worn it to the gathering if it hadn’t been so extremely itchy.

A delightful time was had by all, for reasons besides the obvious fun. John appreciated the free Wi-Fi provided by the caterer. Dy introduced our household to the dozens of dinner guests.
After exploring the ancient bare brick walls a bit and enduring photo sessions, A.J. deployed a range of weaponry across the tabletop for mock battles between the protective stemware, silverware and napkins (left). His dad actually won one such engagement, before guests occupied the rest of our table. Don’t get A.J. started identifying the various nations’ vehicles involved, unless you’re ready to listen and play a while.
A.J. counted over 300 semis on the trip home. This weekend is much quieter with less travel. – j

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