thunder-struck in the blizzard

At least five times in the last fifteen minutes, lightning has flashed past our windows and thunder has boomed amid the howling winds making a mess of our day’s shoveling. So I’m posting wirelessly for the moment, from the comfort of my own bedroom – could get used to this. [Posting delayed a few minutes by incompatibility between the blogging service’s normal posting page and the mobile device I use.]

Dy casually reminds me this is the third instance of “thunder snow” we’ve seen since moving here thirteen months ago. Arey noted her stomach rumbled in unison with one of the outdoor rumbles.

One of the online weather services we monitor (not the generally more reliable) predicted a 3% probability of lightning tonight – right at the threshold that used to keep us and office teammates unplugging in the wilds of the U.P. There we lived and worked on a spit of land out in Lake Huron, ready with generator backup, and other teammates handled the snow plowing professionally.

The urban still experience creation’s oddities, just in a more diverse community. A couple of coworkers who heard the blizzard forecast this morning after moving here from California immediately free associated the Dairy Queen treats.

At least we have a shorter driveway than previously in Illinois, though it’s wider… Better rest up for the inevitable morning digging out – hopefully in time to get at least one of us to church. – j

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