A.J.’s Eve of Christmas Eve proposal

A.J.’s waking words, uttered as he walked into the living room where I had a PC going:

I’m writing a poem. It’s going to be called, “The Eve of Christmas Eve.” Unfortunately I’ll die before it’s done…(oh, good! [saw mom’s new blanket on the back of the loveseat and wrapped himself in it]…because Christmas isn’t coming very fast.

Dad? [Hmm?] Can we celebrate Christmas Eve on the 23rd instead of the 24th? And then Christmas on the 24th, please? By the way, I have a reason for that also, besides getting to open presents earlier. Saturnalia, which is what the Romans celebrated…[interrupted by Tee pointing out a new present under tree]…because then Christmas doesn’t have to be on the first day of Saturnalia, when they celebrated Saturn, one of the Greek gods, also a Roman god.

Breakfast calls – leftovers from yesterday’s brunch – and distracts us temporarily from this important discussion. – j

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