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God planted the seeds of our current work when we were in college.

Both Dy and John were involved as student leaders in the InterVarsity chapters during our undergraduate years. While both of us grew up around Christian churches, John came to Rose-Hulman looking for Christian fellowship and growth. Missional upperclassmen quickly tapped into his eagerness for opportunities to learn and serve. Already over six feet in stature, John flourished spiritually in the challenging environment of engineering studies.

Upon graduation in 1983, after long and memorable conversations with supportive, believing parents, John joined InterVarsity staff with their blessing for an initial three-year stint. Assigned as the first resident staff at the University of Evansville, he grew further from partnering with students and faculty in God’s mission on campus and beyond. He didn’t yet contemplate how those experiences would combine with his technical training to sustain decades of service to this movement.

Dy’s first inkling of the present reality of Jesus came during a prayer meeting at Bradley University. Once the Lord took the lead in her life, the investment and prayers of staff and alumni developed her passion and leadership through a variety of training and ministry experiences. Before leading her InterVarsity chapter as president her senior year, at the recommendation of her staff, Dy invested a month of summer 1985 in preparation at Cedar Campus’ leadership training institute. Assigned to the small group John led in daily debriefing, that was the beginning of our many conversations and friendship.

Next: why we’re excited by God’s work with InterVarsity