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God clarified our sense of vocation.

After years on campus in Indiana, we joined an InterVarsity field office administrative team in Peoria, Illinois. For more than a decade we oversaw and developed centralized services for staff and chapters. As the area grew into four areas we handed back tools to support constituent communications, event logistics and chapter ministry.

In 2004, we moved to Cedar Campus – where we met in the mid-80s and trained students since. New roles with store management, guest services and appropriate technologies stretched us. We learned more about ourselves, our children, and how we work best. God meets thousands of students there every year, but we weren’t thriving long-term.

By 2006, aiming to steward our combined decades of ministry experience, we explored the portability of skills we’d sharpened. We listened long to the Lord, each other, teammates and friends. Innate talents, spiritual gifts, interests, values and liabilities were assessed.

John’s calling came into clearer focus.

John’s passionate about making appropriate technology faithfully serve God’s kingdom. He’s particularly skilled at connecting tools to learn and organize information and processes to boost others’ part in the mission.

Since 2006 he’s worked in the Information Technology Services team based at InterVarsity’s National Service Center (NSC) in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dy’s route has been more circuitous.

She’s often deferred paid work options to support our household’s development and transitions. Her InterVarsity work since our move to Madison:

  • Full-time associate registrar the Urbana 06 convention.
  • Other roles in Accounting, Front Desk, Advancement and Executive Office teams.
  • InterVarsity’s first project manager (PM) in IT Services.
  • Learning and Talent NSC staff developer while the NSC moved buildings.
  • Back in IT Services to manage other PMs plus internal and external partnerships.
  • Coleading or leading the NSC Intercessors Team in prayer for the movement.
Next: the shape of our roles in God’s mission through InterVarsity