scope of service

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From field to camp to national roles

We appreciate the reach of those we serve. Our connections extend to:

  • all three InterVarsity Retreat & Training Centers as they move toward integrated, online event management with self-service for students, staff and more
  • dozens of national ministry teams and departments needing training and collaborative tools
  • hundreds of campus staff in local teams, staff directors and administrators who need frictionless tools
  • thousands of students and faculty being equipped by staff and online resources as they represent God’s kingdom on and beyond campus
  • thousands more alumni and ministry partners who benefit from involvement on campus and through technology
  • and the peoples of the world blessed by agents of change developed through campus mission and Urbana conventions.

We yearn to grow more like our Master, who showed his greatness in service to all nations by welcoming humans to live fully with God now and forever.

It is an honor for any of us to work in positions that fit our calling – and a challenge to further faithfulness.

Next: what you can do to partner with us

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