the best computer guy in the world

A.J. and I both had decent days today, we discovered before dinner. He focussed on his work and made steady headway for Ms. K. I celebrated with him this answer to one of my prayers of the morning.

I confided that my other goal for the day was also met: getting the computer I use at the office to run the HR database. The vendor said it couldn’t be done with the versions of software coexisting on the PC. As I told A.J., I talked with the vendor, went to a meeting, missed the vendor’s call back, tried the last resort suggested, and it still didn’t work. I prayed, tried another registry hack – and it worked!

“Of course, because you’re the best computer guy in the world,” was A.J.’s. assessment.

“Can I get that in the other ear?” was my Eyeoreism.

Definitely NOT the best computer guy – tho I know some folk who qualify – j