two dumb things done

I’m sure there are more others could kindly point out, but two stand out from recent history.

The first came after gladly consuming leftovers from a Mexican restaurant Dy added to my lunch, including part of a roasted jalapeño I sliced barehanded. A little later, while consulting with a teammate, I noticed a speck of matter in my left eye’s tear duct and lightly disposed of it.

“Hello!” said my left eye, reacting to the jalapeño residue on my finger. After a trip to the bathroom, much water and soap, and tears through tight squints, both eyes recovered nicely and I returned to my work area to explain my sudden dash down the hall.

If the stinging heat is caused by oxalic acid, it’s also used as a wood bleach, marble polish and rust stain remover – came up in my recent search for deck stain solutions. It reportedly forms needle-like crystals in water, so some sort of cream or doughy bread might have brought faster relief before making matters worse. A few years ago, Dy suffered for hours after cutting up a jalapeño; now she holds any such pepper with her hand inside a baggie.

The second? As A.J. and I scouted the berry patches at Elver Park yesterday morning, my left foot found a rut in a gravel section of trail I wasn’t watching. I collapsed on a twisted ankle, giving A.J. a bit of a scare, but he calmly helped me back up and down the trail to the van. (Good thing we’d driven over with cans to get mulch from the other end of the parking lot, but even if we’d biked it wouldn’t have been too difficult to find someone with a phone.) Skipping the mulch to make the short drive home, I was glad it wasn’t my right ankle, which I injured similarly late in high school.

Tee and Dy joined us for the trip to prompt care, where the care really was prompt. We had our books along in case it wasn’t; Tee read us most of “Cow Dung Custard” from Unreal!, and Dy read their lunch book, The Wednesday Wars. The RN, x-ray technician and doctor were efficient and engaging. A.J. got to “help” wrap the temporary splint, motivated by a “10% discount.” (Arey was painting faces with friends across town.)

Turns out the three outer ankle ligaments were kind enough not to tear in the twist, but they did break a bit of the small bone to which they attach on the lower end. If I take proper care of it and healing is granted, this misstep shouldn’t threaten our planned travels later in the summer. In the meantime, it’s quite the nuisance and frequent pain. Determined not to complain – j


moving over

Our first spot is being abandoned in favor of this more nearly ad-free space. The initial post follows. Thanks to the one neighbor who commented, and the friend who linked to it (and who may now change that link to – j

10:32pm Monday the 2nd of January 2006

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Author: j

Okay, all systems seem nominal.

Here launches an unblog – a moniker not nearly as original as when I first coined it over a year ago.

I’ll get back soon to define what’s meant by “unblog” in this case, at least.

Now I’m also headed off to test for gravity waves, those ubiquitous but difficult to detect entities Einstein projected must exist. Oddly, they seem to manifest themselves in the movements of a certain untuckable comforter, which tends to migrate toward the opposite side of the bed than I would wish. As I am the densest and most massive member of the couple (not to mention the family), we’re seeing counter-intutive behavior – which is what leads us to suspect gravity waves.

No other explanation I can think of.

What a great way to end a first entry, dangling preposition and all.

Well, the aforementioned definition of this unblog is still coming soon, along with possible further gravity wave research notes and less related observations. Fact is, we’re a little consumed right now with transitioning our household from Michigan’s U.P. to “Mad City.” Stay tuned…