the nerve of a tomato thief

It’s time to reactivate this unblog, as it’s laid dormant through most of the summer. This is one fine way to begin a day away from the office.

When I spied this tomato today, Dy commented that it’s not the first. The other day she thought Tee had left one on the table while picking. Dy brought it in, with only a small peck mark on it. Half an hour later, there was another one in it’s place – probably this roma, now about half consumed. We suspect squirrels, though none have an Italian accent we can detect.

None of us has the patience to watch for the culprit(s). The theory is that if we leave it there none of the others will be touched. We’ll see. At least until the table gets flipped for staining underneath.

The Schlossers of Cedarville may recognize this six-sided cedar picnic table. Normally it sits on our deck, but was moved deeper into the backyard this spring for the deck’s replacement. It stayed there through the deck’s staining (at two months, counter to conventional wisdom) and awaits a coat of its own once it dries out.

Hope you’re enjoying unnibbled tomatoes – j